Thursday, December 31, 2009

In Librus Del Comicus

Another FD pinup...Hope everyone enjoyed indy comic Book Wednesday and bought many indies!

Monday, December 28, 2009

BOMB singles still available

Now some folks have been inquiring about the old Bomb single issue comics, which you can still get here.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Color "Guide"

Here's a great cover from Joe Kubert that inspired the subsequent Mannion Tiger Tank pin-up. A gift from pal Shawn Fritschy netted a whole box full of Sgt. Rock's and GI Combat's that I loved. The coloring and general vibe coming off these old comics was great! Innocent, colorful, and full of action...they don't make comics like they used to!
I sat right at the computer holding this Sgt. Rock issue and studied the color scheme, then applying it to my "Bazooka" piece. This is still one of my favorite coloring jobs that I have done. Thanks Joe!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Exerpt panel from FD#3

Here's one of the panels from FD#3 that I'm psyched about...The Marines show up to kick the Giant Frog's ass! Sorry to get ahead of the game a little...No.2 hasn't even hit. But I can't help myself... No. 3's flowin and it's gonna be a DOOZIE, man!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


It's official --FEARLESS DAWN SPECIAL EDITION #1 IN SHOPS--yesssireeee--this baby is in comic book shops all across the globe as of last week. So stop in and bug your store owners. tell them you want yer copy of FEARLESS DAWN --OR ELSE!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

eBay stuff

I've got a bunch of ebay stuff up there. Some posters, comics... The kicker I think is this sneaky Fearless Dawn pin-up pictured right hyar...eBay Thanks folks! Good luck bidding

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Fearless Dawn Cover Progress

Well, here's some stuff! This old sketch of these Nazi Zombies was in a pile around here...just as I was struggling with an issue #4 cover idea, they popped out of the pile. Digging these guys, I wanted to use them with Fearless Dawn in the foreground perhaps, Hollywood sign in the back (The whole gang goes to Hollywood in issue #4). So-so. I'm still wondering..

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canada and DIAMOND!!!

Some cool happenings around here lately. Fan Expo TORONTO is having us in about a week(Aug-28-30) and thanks to Frank's charlie hustle on the FD#1 book, we won over Diamond! We're back in the catalogue starting in september and even got us a staff pic. Diamond had this to say...
"Back in February's PREVIEWS there was a book from Asylum Press called Fearless Dawn that went largely unnoticed by fans and retailers. The entire industry went on rolling without giving it a second glance, and like many small press books it nearly slipped into obscurity without reaching the core readers in our hobby. But when a copy of it made its way across my desk, I knew from first glance it was something special that people needed to see. Steve Mannion has created a character that has the moxie of The Goon, the audacity of Mr. Monster, and the looks of Angelina Jolie. The sequential art in the book is an incredible mix of Dave Stevens' old-fashioned good-girl flare combined with the insane sensibilities of Eric Powell’s monster-smashing cigar-toting baddies. Fearless Dawn is a maniacally fun romp of Nazi bashing, creature killin’, and leather-wearing cat-fighting femme fatales. If you are looking for a fun read with beautiful artwork and a heaping helping of crazy antics, then you need to pick up the Fearless DawnSpecial Edition and The Bomb Trade Paperback from the inmates at Asylum Press. Miss out on this book a second time and the boys in the white coats might come lock you up and throw away the key!

See PREVIEWS page 271.

Check out the link to the thing here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday, July 31, 2009

FEARLESS DAWN on iphone!

HOLY WAVE OF THE FUTURE, BATMAN! It's a comic book on your iphone! OUR comic book!!! Yes, you heard it right. Thanks to our friends over at COMIXOLOGY your little captain KIRK Apple phone device can now scope the latest and greatest title this side of Jordi Bernet's drawing tablet! Here's a couple of screenshots and a link. The thing is quite cool...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving Right along...

Pencils for FEARLESS DAWN #2 are complete, I have collected them in a "Spoiler" issue to fill the gap in between the real comic books that will appear.. Here's some teaser pages, I should have a limited supply from KaBLAAMM! in about a month. Dig ASYLUM PRESS's booth at SAN DIEGO this weekend and git yer start on FEARLESS dawn !!! They'll have the full-color books. While supplies last Hyuck! Hyuck!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FEARLESS DAWN #1 Released!

It's on the streets!
I know 5 star online comic shop TFAW has them: 

It took some time but it's finally out there all over the place!
Thanks to all you guys for your support, A special thanks to custom coaster and Mike Hoffman for the stellar write-ups on yer blogs.
Bug your local comic shop! Tell 'em Steve sent ya... to draw #2,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

con report 2

Man I just flew in from San Jose and man dude am I sick. It's kinda neat the Airplane stuffed up my ears and I think I gots the swiner...actually it's not neat at all. My fave con but I feel like @#$% and don't feel like typing . Great con.... Working on some commissions so sit tight guys... they'll be there any minute...uuhhh..
NY summer sizzler on the June 13 i think. Don't let me cough on you.

con reports

I just flew in from Hawthorne and Mann are my arms tired...
Hey all you Dudes and Dudettes. I know I haven't rapped at ya in awhile but it's been crazy busy around here. I just got in from the Hawthorne High con and man are my arms tired!It's a great little show put on by Allan Rosenberg and his fine artclass over here in Jersey . Caught upwith some great folks and drew my heinie off the whole show. It was a tiring but fun start to the con season. See ya in San Jose Next week!!!Woo Hoo! Anyhow, big news if ya haven't heard... It was a valiant effort but we didn't make the new Diamond cutoff. Frank at Asylum Press is behind the FD series 1000% and is carrying through with a self- distributionmodel. Some fantastic stores are ordering and the book will hit at theend of June I do believe. Here's some links if you wanna be buggin'someone for your copy of Fearless Dawn #1:TFAW.COM
..And lastly, Some teaser images to keep you guys fixed until the bookhits. I got out the ol' paints and kicked it with one of my fave characters, Mary Marvel... a special kind of goofy came thru on this one . Second is a piece for a Heavy Metal submish I hope to get off to them someday and lastly, the pencils for the cover of FD#2! Hope youguys dig this stuff and remember...bug your comic shop for the Fearless one!!!! Roger Dodger over and out!!!Thanks folks,-s

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a couple of shots from the BOMB in their rough form. Some of
you guys may recognize
the scene. Often, I'll flip a board over and doodle figures and such.
A lot of future ideas,etc come to me this way. This one sure did. It
is probably one of the earliest sketches of Fearless Dawn and the
whole Sauerkraut Factory scenario sprung FORTH!!! from it. Good 'ol
doodling! But now's the time to hunker down on issue #2...things look
pretty good I'm glad to report!
Thanks guys,

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ahoy!.. Here she is gang. It's our hero modeling the x-j-niner for
closer inspection. Just a fun piece I thought to do and show all the
little details for FUN KICKS!!! 'Cos that's what we dig in our books
brothers and sisters...Cheap Fun Comic Book Kicks! (Still for under
#3.00!!!...Hyuck! Hyuck!) I especially thought Dave(Custom Coaster)
would get a big kick out of
this one. Thanks Dave!
Anyhooo, a special thanks to everybody for an exciting, productive
NYCC. It was tiring but a real blast.
The gang at JETPACK/COMICARTHOUSE were a great bunch as were all the
friends and fans that stopped by to groove, peruse, abuse and
mis-use!!!...Just kidding folks. It was a positive experience all around.
In conclusion, a special thanks to everyone . Your support and
enthusiasm is really inspiring and I'm totally enjoying the "Fearless"
process! Look for this pin-up as well as a "Rogues Gallery" in some of
our future issues. OHhh $%#! I!!! I'd better start drawing!!!.

Oh. And if you haven't had enough, there's an interview over at
Comicon Pulse that just went up.

Thanks Jenn!

Talk to you guys soon.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Man, I got one of them fuzzy wuzzies in da howse! Usually in Jersey we just see them in the fall. This little bugger showed up the other day and I don't have the heart to chuck him out. It's been in the teens which makes his appearance all that more strange.
In his honor, I have composed this poem:
Oh Fuzzy wuzzy,
What the heck are you doing here,
brown and black and really fuzzy.
Man it's friggin freezing out!

Now, onto this kinda important comic type news...
The big NYCC! 2009 SKETCHBOOKS! Steve Mannion at NEW YORK COMICONComic Art House Booth #2402 JACOB JAVITZ CENTER:Feb 6-81 PM to 4PM Also I'll be at JIM SALICRUP'S Papercutz/NBM booth #1713--Join us this weekend for comic book fun galore! Comics! Sketches! BLOWOUT pages!

And lastly, the STUPIFYING DAILY!
Fearless Dawn's in BIG trouble again with her arch nemisis,
Helga Von Krause!!
This is the only appearance of this daily anywhere on planet earth pretty much!!! WHOAAAH!

"Blog Exclusive!!! Daily #1"

Fearless Dawn PAGES

another page for the Heavy Metal submit

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The BLOG Exclusives

OK-we're going to be dropping these blog "exclusives" here, to keep this thing interesting and fresh! This first one below was meant to be a painted companion piece to the BOMB#2 cover with Sea-Goin' Lil on it. I did this one on an old vellum. The sheet was pretty yellow, I like working on old paper like that sometimes. It popped out of the piles around here right around the time I was prepping a new SKETCHBOOK which Bob Shaw proposed we do for NYCC . It's coming along nicely might I add.
After some toning and cleanup I said"Golly!"...this piece is kinda nice. So truthfully it's not completely exclusive to the blog, it will be in the 2009 NYC MANNION SKETCHBOOK. But this is certainly the first public unveiling of the piece! So without further adieu, here she is, "The Fearless One"... (next up...a Daily!!!)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Pencils Below

Yep. Those are some of the layout pencils for a Heavy Metal story pitch that I had planned on getting back to someday. It's all layed out,really tight thumbnail style. Hopefully I can get to it real soon, I'm trying to prioritize(sp?) issue 2 of FD and the NYCC prep. New York! New York! Can't wait...

Monday, January 19, 2009


These are some pencilled pages Steve did for an upcoming short story of Fearless Dawn

Sunday, January 4, 2009


OK. Here's how I'll approach a lot of my assignments when I'm not joyously blasting away in my sketchbook. Very tight thumbnails.
Theses are actual size. It's a great way to knock out a lot of problems quickly and I often blow them up and ink 'em on a lightbox licketty-split. A lot of my "Tales from the Crypt" covers are done this way. If I stay focused and keep at it, I generally can move a full-color cover outta here overnight. I mean...err...That's a lie! This stuff takes me a real long time! you blog!!!! Seriously, being at it for 40 years I guess you do develop a bit of speed when needed. Too bad I can't keep up a level of production like this for a long time. I feel like I'm gonna have a nervous breakdown after a while. Drawing, drawing, Drawing...Phooey! Man I wanna walk around in the woods everyonce in a while. See a dinky bird or something.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cover Quandry...

Ok... That there cover below was a bit of a dog, but I did like how it came together. Frank gave me the go-ahead to start the series and I struggled with an image for quite a bit. Finally, I did decide and ink the thing up, using a lot of open areas which I figured I would render out with color. This isn't how I usually go but I was so impressed with some of the things that I had seen around (mainly in Adam Hughes' work!) that I figured I'd give this a shot.
There's a big sloppy layer from another painting that I shot and dropped in, semi-translucent. Just shapes and bumps, etc. I began erasing highlights once the main color was done and was digging the organic effect that we were getting with it. Sometimes my computer colors seem to me to be kinda dead you know. This was a nice remedy...