Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FEARLESS DAWN #1 Released!

It's on the streets!
I know 5 star online comic shop TFAW has them: 

It took some time but it's finally out there all over the place!
Thanks to all you guys for your support, A special thanks to custom coaster and Mike Hoffman for the stellar write-ups on yer blogs.
Bug your local comic shop! Tell 'em Steve sent ya...

...off to draw #2,

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

con report 2

Man I just flew in from San Jose and man dude am I sick. It's kinda neat the Airplane stuffed up my ears and I think I gots the swiner...actually it's not neat at all. My fave con but I feel like @#$% and don't feel like typing . Great con.... Working on some commissions so sit tight guys... they'll be there any minute...uuhhh..
NY summer sizzler on the June 13 i think. Don't let me cough on you.

con reports

I just flew in from Hawthorne and Mann are my arms tired...
Hey all you Dudes and Dudettes. I know I haven't rapped at ya in awhile but it's been crazy busy around here. I just got in from the Hawthorne High con and man are my arms tired!It's a great little show put on by Allan Rosenberg and his fine artclass over here in Jersey . Caught upwith some great folks and drew my heinie off the whole show. It was a tiring but fun start to the con season. See ya in San Jose Next week!!!Woo Hoo! Anyhow, big news if ya haven't heard... It was a valiant effort but we didn't make the new Diamond cutoff. Frank at Asylum Press is behind the FD series 1000% and is carrying through with a self- distributionmodel. Some fantastic stores are ordering and the book will hit at theend of June I do believe. Here's some links if you wanna be buggin'someone for your copy of Fearless Dawn #1:TFAW.COM
..And lastly, Some teaser images to keep you guys fixed until the bookhits. I got out the ol' paints and kicked it with one of my fave characters, Mary Marvel... a special kind of goofy came thru on this one . Second is a piece for a Heavy Metal submish I hope to get off to them someday and lastly, the pencils for the cover of FD#2! Hope youguys dig this stuff and remember...bug your comic shop for the Fearless one!!!! Roger Dodger over and out!!!Thanks folks,-s