Wednesday, June 10, 2009

con report 2

Man I just flew in from San Jose and man dude am I sick. It's kinda neat the Airplane stuffed up my ears and I think I gots the swiner...actually it's not neat at all. My fave con but I feel like @#$% and don't feel like typing . Great con.... Working on some commissions so sit tight guys... they'll be there any minute...uuhhh..
NY summer sizzler on the June 13 i think. Don't let me cough on you.


  1. Heya Steve-- just discover yer books a little while ago, an' just wrote ya up on my Blog.

    Hope this isn't the kiss of death fer yer career.

  2. I'll be the guy with a sergeant mask, Ha, wow, it's just passing around. I know about one other person and a College that I went to that has the disaster flying about, get better soon.