Sunday, August 23, 2009

Canada and DIAMOND!!!

Some cool happenings around here lately. Fan Expo TORONTO is having us in about a week(Aug-28-30) and thanks to Frank's charlie hustle on the FD#1 book, we won over Diamond! We're back in the catalogue starting in september and even got us a staff pic. Diamond had this to say...
"Back in February's PREVIEWS there was a book from Asylum Press called Fearless Dawn that went largely unnoticed by fans and retailers. The entire industry went on rolling without giving it a second glance, and like many small press books it nearly slipped into obscurity without reaching the core readers in our hobby. But when a copy of it made its way across my desk, I knew from first glance it was something special that people needed to see. Steve Mannion has created a character that has the moxie of The Goon, the audacity of Mr. Monster, and the looks of Angelina Jolie. The sequential art in the book is an incredible mix of Dave Stevens' old-fashioned good-girl flare combined with the insane sensibilities of Eric Powell’s monster-smashing cigar-toting baddies. Fearless Dawn is a maniacally fun romp of Nazi bashing, creature killin’, and leather-wearing cat-fighting femme fatales. If you are looking for a fun read with beautiful artwork and a heaping helping of crazy antics, then you need to pick up the Fearless DawnSpecial Edition and The Bomb Trade Paperback from the inmates at Asylum Press. Miss out on this book a second time and the boys in the white coats might come lock you up and throw away the key!

See PREVIEWS page 271.

Check out the link to the thing here:

Tuesday, August 11, 2009