Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a couple of shots from the BOMB in their rough form. Some of
you guys may recognize
the scene. Often, I'll flip a board over and doodle figures and such.
A lot of future ideas,etc come to me this way. This one sure did. It
is probably one of the earliest sketches of Fearless Dawn and the
whole Sauerkraut Factory scenario sprung FORTH!!! from it. Good 'ol
doodling! But now's the time to hunker down on issue #2...things look
pretty good I'm glad to report!
Thanks guys,

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Ahoy!.. Here she is gang. It's our hero modeling the x-j-niner for
closer inspection. Just a fun piece I thought to do and show all the
little details for FUN KICKS!!! 'Cos that's what we dig in our books
brothers and sisters...Cheap Fun Comic Book Kicks! (Still for under
#3.00!!!...Hyuck! Hyuck!) I especially thought Dave(Custom Coaster)
would get a big kick out of
this one. Thanks Dave!
Anyhooo, a special thanks to everybody for an exciting, productive
NYCC. It was tiring but a real blast.
The gang at JETPACK/COMICARTHOUSE were a great bunch as were all the
friends and fans that stopped by to groove, peruse, abuse and
mis-use!!!...Just kidding folks. It was a positive experience all around.
In conclusion, a special thanks to everyone . Your support and
enthusiasm is really inspiring and I'm totally enjoying the "Fearless"
process! Look for this pin-up as well as a "Rogues Gallery" in some of
our future issues. OHhh $%#! I!!! I'd better start drawing!!!.

Oh. And if you haven't had enough, there's an interview over at
Comicon Pulse that just went up.

Thanks Jenn!

Talk to you guys soon.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Man, I got one of them fuzzy wuzzies in da howse! Usually in Jersey we just see them in the fall. This little bugger showed up the other day and I don't have the heart to chuck him out. It's been in the teens which makes his appearance all that more strange.
In his honor, I have composed this poem:
Oh Fuzzy wuzzy,
What the heck are you doing here,
brown and black and really fuzzy.
Man it's friggin freezing out!

Now, onto this kinda important comic type news...
The big NYCC! 2009 SKETCHBOOKS! Steve Mannion at NEW YORK COMICONComic Art House Booth #2402 JACOB JAVITZ CENTER:Feb 6-81 PM to 4PM Also I'll be at JIM SALICRUP'S Papercutz/NBM booth #1713--Join us this weekend for comic book fun galore! Comics! Sketches! BLOWOUT pages!

And lastly, the STUPIFYING DAILY!
Fearless Dawn's in BIG trouble again with her arch nemisis,
Helga Von Krause!!
This is the only appearance of this daily anywhere on planet earth pretty much!!! WHOAAAH!

"Blog Exclusive!!! Daily #1"

Fearless Dawn PAGES

another page for the Heavy Metal submit