Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Here's a couple of shots from the BOMB in their rough form. Some of
you guys may recognize
the scene. Often, I'll flip a board over and doodle figures and such.
A lot of future ideas,etc come to me this way. This one sure did. It
is probably one of the earliest sketches of Fearless Dawn and the
whole Sauerkraut Factory scenario sprung FORTH!!! from it. Good 'ol
doodling! But now's the time to hunker down on issue #2...things look
pretty good I'm glad to report!
Thanks guys,


  1. I'd hardly call that a "doodle". Great stuff!

  2. I always love how the oddest thing drawn is the greatest idea. On many times it's the ideas that I walk away from are the ones I come to and never look back. Can't wait for the first issue and the tease of the second is killing me, you flirt!

  3. hey fellows, TFAW cancelled my order for the 1st issue for Fearless Dawn, and my local comic book store is having problems locating in previews. Golly dang, I don't miss an issue, and/or to support this work.

  4. sorry for the fractured English, how do I rectify this dilemma? Thank you for your tim