Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Man, I got one of them fuzzy wuzzies in da howse! Usually in Jersey we just see them in the fall. This little bugger showed up the other day and I don't have the heart to chuck him out. It's been in the teens which makes his appearance all that more strange.
In his honor, I have composed this poem:
Oh Fuzzy wuzzy,
What the heck are you doing here,
brown and black and really fuzzy.
Man it's friggin freezing out!

Now, onto this kinda important comic type news...
The big NYCC! 2009 SKETCHBOOKS! Steve Mannion at NEW YORK COMICONComic Art House Booth #2402 JACOB JAVITZ CENTER:Feb 6-81 PM to 4PM Also I'll be at JIM SALICRUP'S Papercutz/NBM booth #1713--Join us this weekend for comic book fun galore! Comics! Sketches! BLOWOUT pages!

And lastly, the STUPIFYING DAILY!
Fearless Dawn's in BIG trouble again with her arch nemisis,
Helga Von Krause!!
This is the only appearance of this daily anywhere on planet earth pretty much!!! WHOAAAH!


  1. Great googaly moogaly I need to come into the biggest amount of money ever in the next 24 hours, damn it! I hope everything thing moves fine at the CON and I can't thank you more for the daily!!

  2. Your welcome Coaster! There's more to come!-s