Tuesday, June 23, 2009

FEARLESS DAWN #1 Released!

It's on the streets!
I know 5 star online comic shop TFAW has them: 

It took some time but it's finally out there all over the place!
Thanks to all you guys for your support, A special thanks to custom coaster and Mike Hoffman for the stellar write-ups on yer blogs.
Bug your local comic shop! Tell 'em Steve sent ya...

...off to draw #2,


  1. I can tell you from this post, that there will be this comic in my hand from my shop or from the interweb, very soon. my shop is a bit slow since I'm still waiting on this Trade Paper Back from last year, yeah just a tad you know.

  2. Man that's slow,bro! Amazon's been fast with the Bomb trades and TFAW's totally great . Thank God for these alternate distribution channels! Thanks custom coaster Dave!