Wednesday, June 10, 2009

con reports

I just flew in from Hawthorne and Mann are my arms tired...
Hey all you Dudes and Dudettes. I know I haven't rapped at ya in awhile but it's been crazy busy around here. I just got in from the Hawthorne High con and man are my arms tired!It's a great little show put on by Allan Rosenberg and his fine artclass over here in Jersey . Caught upwith some great folks and drew my heinie off the whole show. It was a tiring but fun start to the con season. See ya in San Jose Next week!!!Woo Hoo! Anyhow, big news if ya haven't heard... It was a valiant effort but we didn't make the new Diamond cutoff. Frank at Asylum Press is behind the FD series 1000% and is carrying through with a self- distributionmodel. Some fantastic stores are ordering and the book will hit at theend of June I do believe. Here's some links if you wanna be buggin'someone for your copy of Fearless Dawn #1:TFAW.COM
..And lastly, Some teaser images to keep you guys fixed until the bookhits. I got out the ol' paints and kicked it with one of my fave characters, Mary Marvel... a special kind of goofy came thru on this one . Second is a piece for a Heavy Metal submish I hope to get off to them someday and lastly, the pencils for the cover of FD#2! Hope youguys dig this stuff and remember...bug your comic shop for the Fearless one!!!! Roger Dodger over and out!!!Thanks folks,-s

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  1. I have to stay more up to date with this blog, ha, I was just at my local dealer and didn't bother them that it was not is stock! I must throw the guilt of a thousand dead relatives over their person and hope for the best, last time there was a famine. Also it's great to hear that your Art will grace the pages of Heavy Metal magazine, woo, the joys of promotion and passion with some of the Greatest Artists of this time together in an issue, that's just too much for one book to handle.