Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving Right along...

Pencils for FEARLESS DAWN #2 are complete, I have collected them in a "Spoiler" issue to fill the gap in between the real comic books that will appear.. Here's some teaser pages, I should have a limited supply from KaBLAAMM! in about a month. Dig ASYLUM PRESS's booth at SAN DIEGO this weekend and git yer start on FEARLESS dawn !!! They'll have the full-color books. While supplies last Hyuck! Hyuck!


  1. Looks awesome! Hope I'll still be able to get a copy of that 'spoiler' issue.

    Good way of making up for that naughty habit of doing such tight pencils ;P

  2. LOL! Thanks crimson! It should be here in about a month. I'l announce it here, Will save ya one!

  3. The teaser shots tell something about the coming story that I like. Oh, possession, not just a law demons can do it too!

    Anyhow I've always been a fan of sketched comics can't wait to see, though, the clean finished work t- .... ah ... also.