Monday, December 21, 2009

Betty is..."The Roller"!!

..Betty's hero coming out.


  1. All of these posts are great, Steve.

    You know, you should somehow incorperate roller derby into one of your future comics. Betty could be the team captain. I'd love to see a derby team taking on a bunch of Nazi undead.

  2. Not bad Neil..We could have a team like "The Marylins" where they all look like Marylin Monroe...or the "Opras"...yelling self-help stuff at their rivals all the time!

  3. I think a roller derby issue would be amazing! Hell if a member or team name of a real team way used there is opportunity for a whole new crowd to know the name of the Fearless Duo. Just thinking out loud, I've always wondered how she got those skates, that's a tough chick.