Sunday, December 20, 2009

Color "Guide"

Here's a great cover from Joe Kubert that inspired the subsequent Mannion Tiger Tank pin-up. A gift from pal Shawn Fritschy netted a whole box full of Sgt. Rock's and GI Combat's that I loved. The coloring and general vibe coming off these old comics was great! Innocent, colorful, and full of action...they don't make comics like they used to!
I sat right at the computer holding this Sgt. Rock issue and studied the color scheme, then applying it to my "Bazooka" piece. This is still one of my favorite coloring jobs that I have done. Thanks Joe!


  1. That Fritschy fellow is good people.

  2. I loved the picture in Black and white and I love the picture in color. Is there not a media that you can not master!