Tuesday, December 8, 2009

eBay stuff

I've got a bunch of ebay stuff up there. Some posters, comics... The kicker I think is this sneaky Fearless Dawn pin-up pictured right hyar...eBay Thanks folks! Good luck bidding


  1. I really like the inking on this one. It's a nice drawing too. Was it done with ink and brush or marker brush? I know we cartoonists hate to give away our trade secrets.

  2. Thanks Jim-
    Totally ink in brush-I was confident and quick about it too for some reason...little bit of micron on the circles on the skirt.

  3. That's the good part of knowing what you want to put on the page, that you can do anything and it will look amazing! The pose is maybe the best part, since this is always the way I think of Miss Jones, scared though always up for anything. Hope I think is the most attractive thing about this character and this really takes her on in this picture. In short awesome I hope for more to come.