Thursday, January 1, 2009



  1. Happy New Year!
    Welcome to the Fearless Dawn blogspot where we're gonna have all sorts of insights and fun type stuff pertaining to this crazy new book. I'll be discussing some of my techniques and other parts of the process as well. I hope it's kinda interesting!
    So grab on to your boot loops and get a bowl of floop loops! There's a new comic in town!

  2. Steve that cover is great. I tried to post a reply to your comment about it being a dog but I disagree. I'm really excited to see more of Fearless Dawn. The Bomb TPB was awesome!

  3. CRAP, I'M SO BEHIND!! This is amazing that there is going to be or rather is a published Fearless Dawn Comic. I really am SO over joyed that the hero I got to know over the years is going main stream or at the least making it to a point that's helping the Artist and making the fans happy, at the very least I'm insane with happiness. On a side note being a student Artist this is great to hear that you will be putting up you trade ways, so there is a bit of learning too, joy.