Saturday, January 24, 2009

The BLOG Exclusives

OK-we're going to be dropping these blog "exclusives" here, to keep this thing interesting and fresh! This first one below was meant to be a painted companion piece to the BOMB#2 cover with Sea-Goin' Lil on it. I did this one on an old vellum. The sheet was pretty yellow, I like working on old paper like that sometimes. It popped out of the piles around here right around the time I was prepping a new SKETCHBOOK which Bob Shaw proposed we do for NYCC . It's coming along nicely might I add.
After some toning and cleanup I said"Golly!"...this piece is kinda nice. So truthfully it's not completely exclusive to the blog, it will be in the 2009 NYC MANNION SKETCHBOOK. But this is certainly the first public unveiling of the piece! So without further adieu, here she is, "The Fearless One"... (next up...a Daily!!!)


  1. I need to get me one of them sketchbooks. Save me one will ya'?

  2. There is a Steve Mannion NYC sketchbook 2009, man that's some good and bad news. Going to the con is a hard event on my living wages, but I hope in the future that reprints will show up. Good luck at the Con though!!

  3. Yeah, how do your fans in Alaska get their hands on one of those sketchbooks? Can you hold some back for the Asylum Press website or hold a contest or something? I've got to have one! The art looks great.

  4. Mikw and Neil- I snagged 'em for ya!-And thanks Dave! We did good:)...-s