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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Shirt STOLEN !!!

Well I got a couple of shirts printed at cafepress to bring to Canada to see how they fared. Well not too good. Except for this one. IT GOT STOLEN!!! OMG!!! Seriously it feels kinda good that the thing was desireable enough for someone to actually steal it. Imagine someone didn't actually steal it? I'd be stuck with this shirt and have a really boring blog entry today. Oh well. The cost of doing business as Will says. Oh. And this is the only one on the planet. So if ya see someone sporting this baby, I think we found the culprit!


  1. The villian does have good taste in fashion, but come on! If you can't afford a Fearless Dawn
    t-shirt, pick up an extra shift at Tim Horton's.

  2. LOL-Tim Hortons all over the place up there.