Friday, April 9, 2010


My favorite guy at the moment, Jordi Bernet. He's got the humor in there, the inks have darks, mids, and lights. Great looking characters and sets.I love the lettering even though I can't understand most of it. His babes are totally hot. And it looks like he just threw it all on there so effortlessly. I heard a guy say he's too sloppy once but I dunno. Just a great comic book vibe coming through for me. I've been looking at this particular page for days. Genius here.


  1. I like how everything can breathe and there's plenty of negative space. Plus you can "read" everything via outline only.

    I think your "guy" is confusing sloppiness with mature confidence. It's the young artists who wanna render every button-loop super-tight, and that's definitely a lack of confidence.