Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Fearless Dawn 4 Color Cover, pages

Well it's in Diamond this month for pre-order. The solicitation reads...
Comic Summary: (W/A) Steve Mannion-
Just when we thought things were gonna get mellow, Fearless Dawn is back in the heat! And it's un-cool, bro! Her arch-nemesis Helga Von Krauss has dug a tunnel from Manitoba clear through to Hollywood, California, and she plans on taking over everything! She wants the airwaves! She wants TV! Will Fearless Dawn stop the show?

Codes: APR100751

Link to pre-order online: here


  1. Looks great but I still have not seen Issue #2 yet. Looking forward to both of them. Keep up the good work.

  2. Dude, you are getting better and better! Is this thing monthly? Is it rough with the deadlines? Yew gon be at C2E2 Chicago??

  3. Thanks Guys-Will, we're just rolling 'em out! #2's out, #3 hits any minute. Hey Mike,thanks so mucho...Man there's no way I could do this monthly.I've got to pretty much kill myself to keep up this level of quality. 2 days a page and it's rough. Real tired sometimes. I'm not going to c2e2 as of yet. Gotta meet you sometime Mike!