Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Here's a neato-keeno youtube video link I just got from Forbidden Planet's own Matt D. It's got everything on there in a nutshell about our day, except you can't really feel the freezing cold. Man it was cold that day. A special thanks to the fans and friends who made it out! Infamous editor Jim Salicrup can be seen along with Ben H, the Kane Kids, so many great folks. A special Happy B-Day shout out is due for the Ted-Meister-G who's bridge navigating skills and general camraderie made the trip a pleasent, fun filled experience. We hope to do it again sometime. Thanks again everyone!


  1. Hey Steve--yer like a rock star or somethin'! This is just the beginning! TOTAL WORLD DOMINATION!!!

    That's interesting about Cadillacs & Dinosaurs, they were talking to me about a Hannah Dundee comic back when Schultz was too pooped to pencil, but it never got past the lawyer stage.

    In retrospect, I think it mighta been the best thing that nobody did those books, ya know? There might not be a Bomb, Fearless Dawn or Minister Sinister today...

  2. Your interview video was great. you have a good and happy personality. I love that you mentioned Wally Wood as an inspiration.

  3. Thanks guys.Yea Mike-That was the book! I had that day job at dc at the time, I think I would've had a nervous breakdown trying to ink a book at night and work all day. So probably for the best!

  4. WOW! That was really fun to watch and The Dino Cadillac comic was better off, if you didn't draw and write it then it would not be fun. Funny thing about this video is that a month before it I just learned about Wally Wood, that's like creepy awesome that I learned about someone before the event. Though I couldn't make it that's still neat that Wally Wood was a hero, amazing!